AppStoreConnect 90476: App Bundle Should Include LaunchScreen.storyboard


[08:06:48]: [altool] 2022-11-21 08:06:48.479 *** Error: Asset validation failed Invalid bundle.

Because your app supports Multitasking on iPad, you need to include the LaunchScreen.storyboard launch storyboard file in your [...] bundle. Use UILaunchScreen instead if the app’s MinimumOSVersion is 14 or higher and you prefer to configure the launch screen without storyboards.

For details, see: (ID: 093a6bf6-76ac-4f28-ab09-a82f76fecd35) (90476)

This thread on mentions the following:

"I found the answer. The issue was that I was setting Launch screen interface file base name to LaunchScreen.storyboard. The solution was to remove the extension - I only had to provide LaunchScreen"